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AutoTeX is an utility program that runs unix commands such as latex/bibtex automatically to support TeX document processing. It detects changes in a source file and compiles it automatically as shown below. Compile errors are shown in colors, number of errors and processed pages are also counted Since it has functionality to open a source file, DVI file etc., all essential work can be connected seamlessly via AutoTeX.

AutoTeX is not an integrated environment, so that you can use your favorite text editor for source editing. Because the TeX environment is not included either, you need to download and install it by yourself.


The latest version of AutoTeX has a capability to float its window on top of the desktop as shown below. Therefore, it is possible to check a compilation result without switching applications.


Almost all functionality of AutoTeX can be customizable. So that it is possible to use for any kind of work with unix commands.

Required System

It requires MacOS X 10.4 (Tiger) and later (It should work on Leopard). It is an universal binary software which is optimized both for PowerPC and Intel Macs. It may work under 10.3 but not fully tested. It does not work under 10.2 or earlier. This software bundles English and Japanese language resources.