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* About BibCompanion

BibCompanion is basically a BibTeX database (.bib file) editor, however, it is beyond an editor but a bibliography management system for everyone. It has quick and easy search function, as well as smart/manual libraries to classify bib items. Both of them provide efficient ways of accessing to desired articles. Furthermore, each bib item can have attached files such as PDF files, so that BibCompanion is very useful for daily use in addition when you preparing a paper.

Following is an example of BibCompanion window.

Example figure is here.

* Main Features

* System Requirements

Operating System
Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later. It does not work under 10.3 (Panther) or earlier. If you want to use it with Panther, please get the older version 1.0.1.
Mac Hardware
Mac with IBM PowerPC or Intel CPU running under the above OS.
It is an universal binary application so that it runs optimally both on PowerPC and Intel Macs.

The author tested BibCompanion with PowerBook G4/MacOS X 10.4.9.

* Download BibCompanion

BibCompanion contains English and Japanese language resources. A language used by BibCompanion depends on International setting of the System Preferences. A downloading file below is the same as that from a Japanese web page.

You will find a HTML file <README 1st-English.html> with an application file when you expand the downloaded zip archive. Read this and agree with cautions before you use BibCompanion.

* Version History


* Known Problems and Workarounds

* Contact to the Author

If you find a bug, please contact to the author

Please attach a database file if the bug is strongly related to the database.

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